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Women's Crop 
Women's Crop 
Among the women's t-shirt models, the crop model, which is compatible with all combinations, is highly preferred. Crop literally means to trim. This model, which has an open waist, abdomen and belly part and has become an indispensable part of wardrobes, helps to reflect all styles, whether sports or classic, in the best way. Crops have also become a trend in women's shirt models. Especially with the fashion of high-waist pants and shorts, these models are of great interest and often preferred.
Crop Models for Every Style
Crop models are presented to customers in a wide range. With different fabrics, various color scales and remarkable fine details, we have designs suitable for the combination of every stylish woman. This model, which is easily combined, is preferred more often in the summer times. In winter, a simple elegance can be created with a long cardigan. We have listed these models, which are the trend of the last period, for you:
Models such as
Tight cropt-shirt
Sport cropped t-shirt
Printed crop t-shirt
Crop blouse
Crop shirt
strappy crop top
are available. All of Behice Sağlam crops are at high quality standards and are designs with original lines.
Crop Models for Every Body Type
In order to have a stylish look with these models, it will be the right choice to create an outfit in accordance with your size. Although the waist, abdomen and belly are open in these models, this opening can be in different sizes. You should choose a size that you can feel comfortable in. Considering your tastes when choosing, you should pay attention to its color, printing and design.
If you have an abdominal muscle or have a flat stomach, you can opt for a short crop blouse model. You can look taller if you prefer a high-waist shorts or pants with a crop blouse. This combination also makes the shoulders look wider. For body types where the upper body is wider than the lower body, it is an important choice for the crops to be V-neck or square-neck to make the upper body look slimmer. If you combine this model with a mom jean, the lower body and upper body will be balanced. If you are curvilineal, you can create elegance by choosing pencil skirts and crop models that reveal the body.
If the lower body is wider than the upper body, you can choose a halter crop t-shirt to balance the lower body and upper body. This model makes the shoulders appear wider. If you are overweight, for example, you can choose a stylish long cardigan or blazer over the strapped crop model. This preference will help you hide your extra weight.
If you have fat in the abdomen, you can combine A-cut skirts with a crop t-shirt.
Crop prices are also affordable. We have models for every size and every style.
Create Your Own Style with Behice Sağlam!
Find the crop that reflects your style through Behice Sağlam and draw attention to yourself. You can catch the trend with our original designs, rich variety, wide color scale, fine detailed models. You can safely choose us for designs that will reflect your personality and style, and you can create unique styles.
Whether at the beach, in the office, at a party or as a daily dress, you can opt for these models. Of course, you should create an outfit in accordance with the environment. These pieces can adapt for any look. By paying attention to the print, pattern, length and design, you can create stylish combinations suitable for any environment. With Behice Sağlam's unique collection, you can easily make stylish outfits.
Crop Models Preferred by Stylish Women
Crops, which are indispensable in wardrobes, are available in a wide variety of models. These magnificent and ambitious pieces can be easily combined with jeans, skirts, shorts and high-waist pants. Whether in summer or in winter, these pieces are ideal for creating an aesthetic image. The models of the crops, which have become the savior of all stylish women, have a wide scale in terms of neckline, size, embroidery, sleeve type and colors.
The types according to the collar are as follows: 
Madonna collar 
Crew collar
Halter collar 
Cowl collar 
Zero collar 
Shirt collar 
Asymmetrical collar 
Zippered collar 
The shapes according to the sleeve part are as follows: 
Balloon sleeve 
Single sleeve
Bat sleeve
Strap sleeve
Zipper sleeve 
Long sleeve 
Asymmetrical collar 
Zippered collar 
A wide variety of models are available. Through Behice Sağlam, you can reveal your style as you wish. Crop, which has become the most popular part of the fashion world, is a product that adapts to every outfit. This unique piece helps to create simple elegance whether with high waist trousers, skirts or shorts. It can also be combined very well with strappy dresses and overalls. For example, in the strapped overalls, a solid color crop complements the elegance. Whether you want to catch a classic or sporty look, you should take a look at Behice Sağlam crops.
Crop prices are also quite reasonable and appeal to every budget. For this savior piece, which must be found in every closet, you should definitely visit Behice Sağlam's magnificent collection.

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